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Sanjay Chemical provides a wide range of consulting, testing and informational support services to the chemical industry. Sectors include regulatory affairs, environmental compliance, process safety, and high end to end analytics. Our Expert services provide a global network of experts that helps customers in highly regulated industries to achieve compliance, adeptness and admissible business success.

We stand with you to get done with the increased margins through better understanding of customers need and also minimize the production variations at the same time reduce operational cost and improve the product quality.

Below is list of industries we serve:

  • Aromatic Chemical Mfg. Industries
  • Adhesive Mfg. Industries
  • Drugs & Pharmaceutical Industries
  • Dyes & Intermediates Mfrs.
  • Pesticides & Insecticides Mfg. Industries
  • Edible Oil Mfg. Industries
  • Food & Packaging Industries
  • Glass Manufacturing Industries
  • Oil Field Industries
  • Soaps & Detergent Mfg. Industries
  • Paints & Coatings Industries
  • Plastic & Rubber Industries
  • Plywood & Laminates Manufacturers
  • Textile Industries
  • Perfumery Manufacturers