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Founded in 1977, Sanjay Chemicals (India) Pvt. ltd. has grown to a broad-based supplier of chemicals, pharmaceuticals and minerals to virtually every industry that requires them.

Our activities include agency arrangements, trading operations and joint ventures. We even serve as purchasing agents of specialty products for certain major corporations, where we have proven to be more cost effective than their own in-house operations.

During the long-term co-operation with foreign traders, we develop our reputation depending on our strong strength, paying great attention to credit and business moral, and taking full advantage of the market preponderance, and continuously marching new field. We enjoy high praise and trust in the business and are the best partner of foreign suppliers in India.

Meanwhile, sticking to credit and sincerity, we actively contact domestic enterprise to cooperate with them to guarantee the long-term and stable supply of chemical material, at the same time, we provide them with our service of sale and export for their products.

In short, as Sanjay chemicals continues to grow and diversify, it will remain focused on its original mission – to serve as a sourcing specialist by developing relationships with specific producers, answering the needs of its customer base.